Block Management

Looking for someone to manage your building?

CBR Property Management can provide a professional management service for your block of flats. We will ensure you meet all your legal obligations, collect the service charges on your behalf and help you plan for the future. We specialise in smaller blocks, often those with shared freehold or the right to manage (RTM), and offer competitive rates as well as a personal, professional and reliable service.

We understand that, as a shared freeholder or RTM company, property management may not be your area of expertise, yet the amount of legislation you need to comply with can be a worry. Failure to meet health and safety standards in communal areas can render you legally liable if the worst should happen and someone is injured or worse. Yet, you enjoy being in control of how much is spent for maintenance and you want input into who is selected to do repairs. CBR Property Management has the knowledge and skills to deal with the things that need doing but also works with you and keeps you updated and informed. You will know exactly how much is being spent and what it is being spent on because we are completely transparent in our dealings with you.

As always, our service is flexible and is tailored around what you, as the resident or owner of your building, need. We offer 2 standard packages – Standard and Premium – but you can add on services as needed, or remove ones you are happy to do yourself.

Our Block Management Services

Standard Package

The standard block management package includes:

  • prepare invoices for and collect service charges from leaseholders 
  • pay for general maintenance out of funds provided and ensure that service charges and all outgoing monies are used for the purposes specified under the lease and in accordance with legislation 
  • produce annual spending estimates/budgets to calculate service charges and reserves, as well as administering the funds 
  • produce and circulate service charge accounts and supply information to leaseholders and any residents’ association, liaising with and providing information to accountants where required 
  • administer building and other insurance if instructed and authorised, subject to Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations 
  • arrange periodic asbestos, gas safety, electrical safety, fire safety, legionella and other appropriate risk assessments in accordance with the statutory requirements and, where necessary, in liaison with the relevant public authorities
  • deal reasonably and as promptly as possible with enquiries from leaseholders having regard to any requirements or constraints in the contract 
  • keep records on leases having regard to the data protection legislation 
  • keep clients informed of changes in legal requirements, including any statutory notices and other requirements of public authorities, and check compliance with lease terms
  • advise on day-to-day management policy

FEE: £6-£12.50

per flat per month

CBR Property Management Founder, Catherine Bancroft-Rimmer

N.B. All prices include VAT

Premium Package

The premium block management package includes all items under the standard package, plus:

  • arrange and manage contracts and services in respect of communal areas, for example, lifts, boilers, alarms, gardening and cleaning
  • prepare statutory notices and deal with consultations where qualifying works or qualifying long-term agreements are proposed
  • instruct, with the client’s consent, solicitors or debt recovery agents in the collection of unpaid service charges, subject to any statutory procedures that need to be followed
  • visit the property annually to visually check its condition and deal with minor repairs to buildings, plant, fixtures and fittings  
  • attend the AGM or annual Residents Association meeting

FEE: £9-£20

per flat per month

CBR Property Management Founder, Catherine Bancroft-Rimmer

N.B. All prices include VAT

Additional Services

The following additional services are also available, paid for separately:

  • preparing specifications, obtaining tenders and supervising substantial repairs of works 
  • attending courts and tribunal proceedings
  • considering leaseholders’ applications for alterations 
  • advising on and dealing with assignments of leases, subletting and change of use 
  • dealing with breaches of the lease, for example, late payment of service charges 
  • giving information to prospective purchasers, vendors or their agents of the leasehold interests in the individual dwelling including pre-contract enquiries
  • submitting company returns.


CBR Property Management Founder, Catherine Bancroft-Rimmer

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